Restaurant VICTORIA Bansko

Restaurant VICTORIA in the city of Bansko is the place that will warm your body and soul with excellent food and hospitable staff. If you are looking for a cozy place to rest after a long day of skiing or snowboarding, or if you are returning from a long hike in the mountains, the VICTORIA restaurant is your long-awaited oasis. In addition, we provide delicious and hot food to take away.

Address: Bansko, 119 Pirin Str. in front of ski lift
Mobile: +359 887 761 500
Working time every day: 11.00 AM - 00.00 PM (for clients)
Working time every day: 11:00 AM - 00.00 PM (for delivery)
Inside places: 80
Places in garden: 50

Reviews from clients

The location is nice, but that’s pretty much it. The menu seems good until the food comes and you see that even if its peak season the food has been prepared long ago and frozen for who knows how long. Not sure what they put inside though, because even when it didn’t looked good, the food tasted good. But afterwards we all had stomach issues…
Nice place and we've eaten there before however this visit both my wife and I decided to have the same dish, a Japanese chicken and rice that was supposed to be spicy. My wife commented that it looked like dog food, the chicken was made up from scraps and was full of gristle, the texture was awfully and the dish tasted very bland. We sent our dishes back and ordered the duck noodles, this was not much better but we did eat it. Very disappointing especially as we've enjoyed eating there in the past. Our daughter had a pizza which she enjoyed.
I ate here 3 years ago(in 2018) and it was SUPER tasty. I personally ate a stake, and I personally have a feeling that they knew the cow's name. I'm going to visit in some days, so I checked the website out(for deliveries) and it's just amazing!
Food was tasty, the pizza was made with yellow cheese and you have to pay extra for mozzarella This is my only complaint. I guess they don't advertise it as Italian pizza, but still. A bit noisy, but service was friendly and fast. All in all would recommend!
Everything was very tasty! First I ordered delivery to the hotel, then we visits the restaurant and both time it was great. Also it’s pretty inside and waiters are friendly