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Combo menu

  • 35.69 BGN
    NEW! Sushi Combo For Friends
    605 g
    • Sushi rice Miami • 5 pcs Shrimps tempura (Nobashi shrimps in crispy Tempura and mayonnaise with Dragon sauce) • 4 pcs Chicken Philadelphia • 4 pcs Simon spinaci
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  • 27.99 BGN
    NEW! Family Sushi Combo
    650 g
    • Sushi rice California • Edamame with Maldon • 4 pcs Cheddar chicken • 4 pcs Tiger roll
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  • 17.99 BGN
    NEW! Combo pizza Brezarone Handmade + Heineken can 500 ml
    Brezarone Handmade 360 g | tomato sauce, Bresaola, Pepperoni, Asiago cheese and Mozzarella |
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  • 12.29 BGN
    NEW! Combo pizza Di Mare Handmade + Coca-Cola 500 ml
    Di Mare Handmade 470 g | tomato sauce, surimi, yellow cheese, Black sea mussels and homemade Tartar sauce |
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  • 17.79 BGN
    NEW! Combo pizza Pizza with French goat cheese and fresh spinach leaves + Fig and thyme Lemonade 1 L
    Pizza with French goat cheese and fresh spinach leaves 300 g | authentic Italian dough, yellow cheese, truffle paste and garlic |
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  • 29.99 BGN
    Family Grill Combo
    1110 g
    • Grilled pork gyros • Balkan sausage • Homemade meatballs • Greek bread • Fresh fried potatoes • Greek salad
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  • 29.99 BGN
    Maxi Combo Family
    1320 g
    • Pizza Margerita • Crispy chicken strips with cornflakes • Homemade fried meatballs • Fresh fried potatoes • Garlic sauce • Shopska salad
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  • 29.99 BGN
    Family Fast Food Combo
    1070 g
    • Cheeseburger with Black Angus veal, mature English Cheddar, pickles and BBQ sauce • Tacos with chicken, mushrooms, cheese, dried tomatoes, pickles and garlic • Roasted corn • Fresh fried potatoes • Caesar salad with crispy chicken
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  • 37.99 BGN
    Family Fish Combo
    1000 g
    • crispy sole fish with Panko and sunflower seeds • roasted mackerel fillet • crispysuids • fresh fried potatoes • Caesar salad with roasted salmon
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* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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