Address: 119 Pirin Str. in front of ski lift
Phone: +359 887 761 500
Working time: from 10:00 to 24:00
Inside places: 80
Places in garden: 50



Best restaurant in Bansko if you tired of local cuisine. They offer dishes from French, Italian and Asian kitchens, I usually don't trust places that don't concentrate on a specific kitchen, but this one is an exception, all the dishes that we ordered were really good. The service is great too, so i would really recommend that restaurant!

Mark Kevesh - 18.01.2020
Good restaurant with nice food. Huge catalogue to choose food from. I don’t like that at some dishes the proportions are so small for what we pay for, for example the sweet potatoes and unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo of. We also came few days before and we ordered grill chicken which was ok but the other plate was again a small portion and it’s was smoked bacon. If you come during rush hour there is a delay in the food. Overall good atmosphere and good tasty food.

Pella Christina Papachristou - 28.12.2019
The food is great. Staff is friendly. Prices are decent. You have a very generos menu. They specialize in beef. Reservations are recommended. We ate 3 times here and the food was great the first time. And not the same the other 2 times. I think they have many chefs and some are better than the others.

Rahell S.Jibrail - 03.01.2020
This is probably the best restaurant to go in Bansko. They have so many options in the menu that it look like a book. And that is without compromising on the quality of the food, on the contrary, the best we found in Bansko. And I have no ideas how they do it, but they are also the cheapest, or at least the best value for money as well. Ambient is sofisticated, no ski boots, and the service is excellent. From steak to pasta and pizza... They will have something that will make you fall in love with them. Book in advance!

Thiago Saraiva - 05.01.2020
The service was fast. The Personel were kind and helpful. The food was tasty and great. It has a good location at the center. During pick times it will be better to made a reservation.

Burak Reis - 19.01.2020


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