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Would like to order a pizza for home or looking for good restaurants in Sofia, then you've come to the right place. Restaurant chain VICTORIA disposes 6 restaurants in Sofia, 2 restaurants in  Plovdiv, 1 restaurant in Bansko and 1 restaurant in Borovets. Here you will find a wide selection of pizzas, pasta, salads, fish and other tasty dishes. The staff of the restaurant VICTORIA will take care to be served with finesse, smile and friendly attitude, whether you order a pizza for home or visit one of our restaurants.

Online orders from restaurants VICTORIA in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko and Borovets
If you do not have time to visit us, you can take advantage of online ordering pizza for home directly through our website or by calling at 02/911 00 or *9110 for Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko and Borovets. Besides quick and tasty pizza delivery, restaurants VICTORIA offer you free shipping for orders over 10 BGN.

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About restaurants restaurants VICTORIA in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko and Borovets

Restaurant chain VICTORIA is suitable for meeting with colleagues, business partners, friends or family events. From our restaurants in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko and Borovets you can order everything what is in the menu, which that is extremely rich. Fresh salads, delicious pizzas, all kinds of appetizers - chicken wings, squid ... For connoisseurs of meat cuisine we offer - chicken, pork, beef and lamb.
Not at least are the desserts.
In the restaurants VICTORIA you will be welcomed from the entrance and kindly accommodated. Our staff will give you special attention and will serve with care.
If you decide to order for home, delivery will be for free.

How it all began for restaurants VICTORIA
21 years ago in Bulgaria appear something new - delivery of food from traditional cuisine and pizza. Without changing original concept, we constantly present new foods, tastes and drinks. Especially we created “The Chef's menu” - copyright menus of the Chefs. So every one of the restaurants reserves its individual character ... Pizzas - our pizza chefs knows the recipe for the most delicious pizzas.

After opening of restaurant on "Bulgaria" blvd., was marked the beginning of something new that you - our customers appreciated. Whether you are in Sofia, Plovidv or on holiday in Bansko or Borovets, if you want to be pampered in the restaurant or to deliver you pizza at home, you remain our most important guest. 

For its 15th birthday restaurant chain VICTORIA, open doors on "Cherkovna" str. 75 in Sofia. The restaurant has a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and greenery, children's playground, a true oasis in the big city. The new concept of the chain can be seen with the most power - style, modern cuisine, combining the best of Bulgarian, Mediterranean and European cuisine.
In the heart of one of the most beautiful parks in Sofia was opened and next restaurant from the chain - "Villa VICTORIA" Hunting Park. Inspired by the story of Hunting Park, with its unique decor and cozy restaurant is a perfect place to gather with family and friends and for business lunch or dinner.

As one of the owners says: “We always give to the people something new, without taking away their old specialties, which are already accustomed”.